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I have been a freelance Canadian journalist since 2001 in print and online journalism. My portfolio includes commissioned work in the field of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, motivation and travel. I have worked with local and internationally acclaimed magazines. I have been published for feature articles as well as received the 2007 Editors Choice award for literary work with the International Library of Poetry.

Professional Publications

  • The Ambassador, Newspaper, Windsor, On (2019)

  • BizX Magazine WIndsor (2018) 

  • Kuwait Airways Magazine (2017)

  • BAZAAR Kuwait Magazine, Kuwait (2016- 2024)

  • CP Magazine Kuwait (2016-2017)

  • Khaleejesque Magazine Kuwait (2016)

  • Kuwait Up To Date On-line Web-Zine (2015-2016)

  • Windsor Independent Arts Newspaper, Music & Culture (2013) 

  • Elite Daily New York Online Web-Zine (2013)

  • Sweet Tooth Digital/Magazine, Detroit, MI (2010-2011)

  • Windsor Body Magazine, Windsor, ON (2010-2011)

  • The International Library of Poetry, Poetry.Com (2007)

  • The Lance University of Windsor Student Newspaper (2003-2014) 

  • Windsor Life and Image Magazine, Windsor, ON (2002-2003)

Female Power Panel Stanford University

Female Power Panel - Stanford University

Educational Publications

  • “Fremmedsprogs-undervisning I en mangfoldig klasse” pg 35, Folkeskolen/ Fagblad For Undervisere, Denmark (2013) TEACH MIDDLE EAST, Educational Magazine for the UAE and GCC, Dubai, UAE, (2017)



  • “The message is sent. Now what?” UKED Magazine, United Kingdom (2015), BORED PANDA (

  • “Who did you Tweet? It is networking in the 21st Century” pg 23, UKED Magazine, United Kingdom (2014)


Madam Lieutenant Governor General Eleni Kounalakis for the lovely conversation on the state of California with Stanford Fellow Natasha E. Feghali


Stanford CCDRL Fellows, 2022

  • “Teaching French to a Diverse Classroom” pg 18, UKED Magazine, United Kingdom (2014)

  • “The French Leader in A Second Language Classroom” University of Alberta Teachers Pedagogical Journal/ Teachers Leadership (2014) 

  • “Yoga as a Teaching Aid” section C1 / Body and Health, The Windsor Star (2014) 

  • “A Method Like no other has AIM-ed a Warm Welcome!” pg 27, Canadian Association Second Language Teacher (CASLT) (2013) and on pg 16 in the Fall-Winter 2013-2014 issue of OMLTA Communication  

  • “Le Français sans Frontières” pg16, The VOICE ETFO Provincial teacher magazine (2013) 

  • “The Culturally French Scientist” pg 24, Canadian Association Second Language Teacher (CASLT) (2013) 

  • “The French Art Experiment” pg 17, Ontario Modern Language Teacher Association (OMLTA) (2012/2013) 

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